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Automating customer consent: data privacy in the age of data capitalism

Unless businesses want to be on the front page of newspapers for all the wrong reasons, consumer trust in data privacy is essential. GDPR introduced the key principles of data privacy by design and default. Consumers and business are recognizing that data privacy is more than just data protection and security.

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GDPR, PSD2 & ePrivacy: the data rights management regulations driving innovation in financial services

Few people associate regulation with innovation. For some, regulation is seen as a necessary evil to protect consumer rights and fight fraud. For others, it’s a straitjacket that can reduce operational agility. Much has been said about how GDPR is  enhancing the customer experience by strengthening individual data rights. However, the GDPR is not the only data rights management regulation driving innovation in Europe: the PSD2 & the ePrivacy Regulation are also prompting financial institutions to consider how to turn regulation into an innovation opportunity.

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Marketers, beware of losing your biggest asset because of GDPR non-compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into force in May has completely overhauled business process around data handling. At its core, the regulation has introduced the key principles of data privacy by design and default, handing power back to the consumer. It marks a seismic shift in consent management, and also marks the first time that legislation has attempted to keep up with technological advancements.

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